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Vacuum Components

Components and systems Schmalz suction cups allow to achieve decisive gains in productivity in automated processes.

Both in mechanical engineering, and robotics: Schmalz customers benefit from expert advice for innovative solutions in all areas of automation technology.

The wide variety of parts that can be manipulated by vacuum ranges from small delicate pieces, such as electronic chips or solar wafers, to furniture components and heavy steel plates.

Good knowledge of our specialists guarantees efficient and cost-effective process automation solutions.

Specialized in the following industries:

  • Automotive
  • Wind Energy
  • Container
  • Logistics
  • Wood
  • Metal / Chapa
  • Plastic
  • Chemistry / Pharmacy
  • Solar
  • Aerospace Technology
  • Glass
  • Batteries
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Manipulators Schmalz

Vacuum Handling Systems.

The vacuum handling systems Schmalz rationalize and simplify production processes by manipulating pieces efficient and effortless.

They are distinguished by their functionality, safety and ergonomics, for example, feeding and unloading machines, handling cardboard boxes among others.

Grippers Area

Along with powerful porches or palletizing robots, handling systems Schmalz full layer increase production yields in automated handling products in many sectors. Individually designed systems ensure optimal integration process and ensure a rapid return on investment.

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  • Palletizing and depalletizing by layers of the most varied goods.
  • Use in internal logistics and warehouse.
  • Handling of incomplete layers, mixed layers, intermediate layers, pallets and cardboard packaging or sheet.
  • Loading and unloading pallets partially occupied by combining vacuum technology with the support of mechanical claws.


  • Safe and without deterioration of layers different sizes and shapes Grasp.
  • Increased performance by accelerating the process Retrofitting not required to change the product.
  • Innovative concept with overall mechanical claw and vacuum support that provide additional retention force.
  • It is possible application in frozen storage at -30 ° C (optional) Dimensioning of the specialized system according to individual requirements.

Designs for Specific Sectors

For typical applications of certain sectors, Schmalz has developed specific suction systems.

SPZ Glass
Palletizing and depalletizing jars and cans.

Designs for Specific Sectors Image.
SPZ Packaging
Palletizing and de-palletizing of cardboard boxes, trays for beverages, etc..

Designs for Specific Sectors Image.
SPZ Logistics
Handling of the most varied layers of products in internal logistics and warehouses.

Designs for Specific Sectors Image.
SPZ Nesting
Unstack wood chips or plate in one process of handling.