Sacks & Bags Handling

Benefits and Features

  • Downsizing and improved quality of work.
  • Palletizing simultaneous multiple bag sizes thanks to the automatic adjustment of the clamp.
  • Automatic transmission that does not require mechanical adjustments by combining the optional clamp adjustment and alignment guides with automatic adjustment.
  • Custom clips bags, bundles, packages, boxes and packaging.
  • Quick change palletizing patterns through stored programs.
  • Flexibility in layout configuration allows installation in very small spaces.
  • Economic standard configurations or customized solutions available.
  • Speeds up to 28 units per minute.
  • Software FANUC collision protection that prevents accidental damage to the robot gripper and other equipment.


Our systems are capable of palletizing all kinds of paper bags and polyethylene conventionally.

Each palletizing system can handle unlimited layout configurations, and includes rapid changes of palletizing patterns through stored recipes.