Machine Safety

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The industrial growth has brought with it a great variety of machinery and consequently the increase of the labor risk. At the same time, protection systems have been designed to avoid the dangers involved in the operation of the machines.

IDTec is a specialist in security systems for machines endorsed by Rockwell Automation as a Safety Solution Provider, so we offer you our services of design and implementation of security systems in machines.

With the help of the IDTec machine security services you can:

Improve total protection performance in new and existing lines:

  • Reduce the risk of personnel during production and maintenance tasks.
  • Reduce the diagnoses to reduce unproductive time.
  • Optimize the design and operation of the system to maximize productivity.
  • Optimize the protection design to reduce the average repair time (MTTR).
  • Improve manufacturing productivity by selecting from a wide range of machine safety components and architectures.
  • Integrate standard controls and security controls into a common platform.

Safety life cycle

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Services in Machine Safety

Services in Machine Safety.

Machine Safety

DTec is the first company in Latin America to achieve certification as a machine safety specialist from Rockwell Automation.